Date 3rd Sept 2017

 We were introduced to Tyson (Phar Lap Fencing) in early 2016 as the old post & rail paddock fencing was well past its use by date.  

In March / April 2016 Tyson started removing over 1000 meters of old post & rail fencing & replacing it with new post & rail fencing. Tyson had his Kanga & occasionally a labourer. Tyson worked for two months in extreme heat changing our run-down fences into two & three rail hardwood fences that are perfectly straight, with gates & integration with the new post & wire boundary fencing.

We have also used Tyson for building repairing stables, building wash-bays, building vegi garden beds, digging trenches foe water & power, & screening plant gardens & building multiple manure 

Tyson works in the brutal condition s & dust just did not seem to stop him. His technical knowledge on fencing & carpentry is excellent. Tyson would always present the alternative solutions to any problems so we would be able to choose, technical issues such as boundary fence interfacing with trees (as we did not want to cut them down), wash bay issues with sloping ground or setting up the manure bins were all sorted by Tyson

Tyson arrives at 6.30am & continues without stopping to 3pm / 4pm. He is efficient & always positive & happy. We feel lucky to have had Tyson working for us & would employ him again.


Sharon Jacob


Peter Jacob


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