Meet Tyson Knight

Tyson KnightTyson has been in the business for 15 years. He is fast, accurate and builds an excellent fence as well as undertaking a variety of landscaping activities.

Tyson has vast experience with his Kanga Mini-digger which can drill holes with a variety of augers from 100mm to 450mm. He can do turf preparation, move soil and rocks and do the tight spaces which are hard to reach. He also has a 300mm chain trencher for doing those difficult trenches.

Tyson also does sleeper walls and a variety of other landscaping. No job is too small. After so many years in the business doing so many varied fences and landscaping tasks, his experience is invaluable. Tyson is a very personable businessman who is reliable and punctual.

Contact Tyson at Phar Lap Fencing: 0412644479